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Yatai Pharmaceuticals Successfully Holds Rg3 Anti-hepatoma Multi-center Clinical Research Project Advancement Meeting

Release Time:2015-01-11

  On January 10, 2015, the project advancement meeting on "Rg3 Anti-hepatoma Multi-center Clinical Research", a sub-subject of national major technology program, sponsored by Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of The Second Military Medical University, and organized by Jilin Yatai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., was held successfully in Shanghai. Professor Shen Feng of Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Hospital, project head, who has just obtained the second prize of the 2014 National Scientific and Technological Progress Award, and Professor Fu Li, inventor of Rg3, who obtained the second prize of National Technology Invention Award in 2013, were presented at the meeting. About 20 authoritative experts from Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of The Second Military Medical University, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, The First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Southwest Hospital Affiliated to The Third Military Medical University, Tongji Hospital of Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Sun Yat-sen University attended the meeting. In addition, Yu Mingshi, General Manager of Yatai Pharmaceuticals, also led other members and staffs of the Marketing Department to attend the meeting. 


Professor Wang Kui, General Liaison, Reports Subject Progress 

  Professor Shen Feng concluded, there are no standard drugs for postoperative adjuvant therapy of liver cancer internationally, Rg3 is a representative drug in anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), so international registration and clinical research will play a far-reaching significance for the majority of liver cancer patients. The researchers of all centers have provided vigorous support for the subject, and meanwhile, highly affirmed professional capabilities and great efforts of Yatai clinical research teams. All research organizations are confident to enroll all subjects into the study at the end of June this year according to the plan, and ensure the quality of disease cases, in attempts to guarantee the complete and accurate information, and minimize patient shed. It is hopeful that this study can be completed successfully, thus it can provide standardized solutions to postoperative adjuvant therapy of liver cancer for the majority of patients. 


  Professor Shen Feng, Subject Initiator, Delivers a Conclusive Speech 

  General Manager Yu Mingshi delivered a speech, first of all, he expressed gratitude to Professor Shen Feng, Professor Fu Li and other researchers who can attend the meeting. Due to high degree of attention and support of all experts on Rg3, Rg3 hereby can be selected into sub-subject of National Science and Technology Program for the study on liver cancer postoperative standard solution, so he felt very delighted. Over the past two years, above 90% of disease cases have been enrolled onto the study, so he conveyed his gratitude to all experts for their contributions and efforts. Furthermore, he indicated that Yatai Pharmaceuticals will continuously provide great support in the enrollment of disease cases, clinical monitoring, statistical analysis, and discussion, etc. 


Yu Mingshi, General Manager of Yatai Pharmaceuticals, Delivers the Speech 

  Through exchanges and discussions at the meeting, it will provide a strong support to complete Rg3 anti-hepatoma multi-center clinical research according to subject scheme and quality management specifications for drug clinical trials. 



  Jilin Yatai Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. 

  January 11, 2015 


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