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  • Profile of Jiangsu Vcare PharmaTech Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Vcare PharmaTech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Vcare”) is a high-tech bio-pharmaceutical enterprise established by overseas students entrepreneurial team in August 2010 and managed under such team, which became an enterprise subordinated to the Chinese top 500 enterprise—YATAI Group (stock code: 600881) in April 2015. Vcare locates at No. 15 Wanshou Road, Nanjing Pukou Economic and Technological Development Zone under the management in an international advanced management and operating mode, and it has synthesis laboratory and preparation & drug analysis laboratory equipped with complete facilities. Moreover, Vcare also has confirmed the industrialized partnership relationship with multiple manufacturers, which laid a good foundation for industrialization and commercialization of Vcare projects. [Click here to enter]
  • 吉林亚泰(集团)股份有限公司药物研究与开发中心简介

          吉林亚泰(集团)股份有限公司药物研究与开发中心(以下简称药研中心)成立于2006年,药研中心致力于预防性疫苗、现代中药、系列保健食品的研制与开发。药研中心拥有约700平米符合GMP要求的生物制品中试实验室,约200平米的现代中药、保健食品实验室。在建的医药产业园研发中心面积1.2万平方米。能够同时开展生物病毒、基因、细菌类生物产品的研发,现代中药、保健食品的中试研究。 药研中心拥有医学、药学专业技术人员40余名;聘请生物制药界的资深专家、生物制品检定专家和药品注册申报专家为顾问,与国内多家药研机构建立了长期的科研协作关系。 [Click here to enter]
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