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General Manager's Address
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     YATAI pharmaceutical industry started up its business in 1999, and it has formed an enterprise cluster which 
integrates sci. & tech. R & D, resources R & D, pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical circulation and medical 
services as a whole on the basis of its rapid development during the past 16 years. At present, this industry owns
two new drug R & D institutes (YATAI Pharmaceutical R & D Center and Nanjing Vcare PharmaTech), a resources 
development enterprise (YATAI Changbai Mountain Medicine Industry), five pharmaceutical production enterprises 
(YATAI Bio-pharmaceuticals, YATAI Pharmaceuticals,YATAI Mingxing, YATAI Longxin and YATAI Northeast Asia), a 
pharmaceutical circulation enterprise (The Great Jilin Medicine Store) and a pharmaceutical industry park management
 enterprise (YATAI Pharmaceutical Industrial Park). This industry owns nearly 300 drug approval numbers, and forms a 
specialized and diversified product structure consists of anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine mainly focuses on
“Shenyi Capsule”, the biological product mainly focuses on “Rabies Purified Vaccine for Human Use”、, Chinese 
patent medicine mainly focuses on 8 Chinese national protected TCM varieties,such as“Xing Nao Zai Zao Capsule”, 
and health food. 
      All enterprises have formed leading positions in domestic industrial segment market with a certain influence.
The Great Jilin Medicine Store ascended into Top 12 in Comprehensive Competitiveness of Chinese Pharmaceutical Retail
Enterprises and Top 20 Most Valuable Brands of Chinese Drug Stores, and also steadily stayed No. 1 place in 
Comprehensive Strength of Jilin Provincial Pharmaceutical Retail Enterprises; Northeast Asia Pharmaceutical is the
largest China domestic manufacturer of “Xiao Shuan Tong Luo Capsule” which occupies up to 70% market share of this 
product. The “Dan Huang Qu Yu Capsule” manufactured by YATAI Longxin occupies 6.63% market share of gynecological 
drugs which ranks No. 3 in this market; “Shenyi Capsule” manufactured by YATAI Pharmaceuticals occupies 5.37% market 
share of China domestic oral anticancer drug market which ranks No. 3 in this market; Hamster Kidney Cell Vaccine 
manufactured by YATAI Pharmaceuticals occupies 1% market share of China domestic market which ranks No. 6 of this market;
by the end of 2014, the total assets of YATAI Pharmaceutical Industry was up to 1.383 Billion Yuan, and its net assets
was up to 713 Million Yuan, and its ROE was up to 13%.  
       This year is the crucial ending of YATAI Group “the 4th Five-Year Planning” and also is the year of designing 
the “5th Five-Year Planning”. Within the future 5 years, YATAI Pharmaceutical Industry plans to: regard “building a 
big health industrial chain, enhancing the core competitiveness” as the goal; strive to build four R & D platforms 
which cover biological drugs, chemical drugs, modern TCM drugs and health food, and sustainably increase investment to 
technology R & D, as well as improve the scientific & technological achievements conversion rate, deepen mutual fusion
between informatization and industrialization, transform traditional craft and technology by means of digital and other 
technical means,promote the secondary development of existing products, form a batch of high quality products with 
high-tech content, promote the upgrading of products, realize   innovation drives and sustainable development; construct
a industrial innovation development demonstration park in a concept of three in one of “pharmaceutical enterprise, 
pharmaceutical R & D, and pharmaceutical merchants”, and seize the commanding height of the opportunities of “One Belt
and One Road” and revitalization of the northeast China on the basis of taking YATAI Pharmaceutical Industrial Park as 
a carrier; actively push capital operation and investment attraction, and open a new financing channel; orderly implement
enterprise merger and reorganization as well as industry internal and external resources integration, significantly 
improve the industrial concentration, and form the scale effect and agglomeration effect of industrial development; greatly
push brand construction and marketing mode innovation, strengthen the OTC brand marketing, clinical academic marketing, 
channel marketing and network direct sales, and steadily promote cross-regional retail chain market development; vigorously 
explore, cultivate and develop new business patterns such as pharmaceutical logistics, pharmaceutical wholesale, 
pharmaceutical E-commerce, medical services and etc. in accordance with the “Internet+” development idea and apply 
state-of-the-art technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and etc., extend the big health industry 
chain, fully promote the brand value and profiting capacity of YATAI Pharmaceutical Industry, in order to build YATAI 
Pharmaceutical Industry into a new pillar industry with features of sci & tech. type, smart type, environmental protection 
type and  intensive pattern, as well as the growth pole of YATAI Group. We are dedicated to make our due contributions for 
human beings’ health industry and local social economic development. 
        We sincerely express our gratitude to the supports and great kindness from leaders of all levels and friends of all 
circles. We are willing to cooperate together with all of you to create a beautiful future!
         Wang Jinsong
General Manager of YATAI Pharmaceutical Investment Company

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